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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 27, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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defence sources said. new new new wong will. i was the us the owner. welcome to nhk world islam and you know tommy and tokyo shares a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am japan and the us will move ahead with a controversial plan to rebuild the american base in all gone. after winning approval from the prefectural government south koreans protests against prime minister seems
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a lot of candy and a visit to the line honoring and bored i am twelve member of the world prepare to celebrate your refugees from stiff paste and stir japanese and us leaders had spent nearly two decades trying to negotiate the relocation of an american military base in okinawa. but widespread opposition in the southern prefecture stole the move and strained relations. now the governor of okinawa has given the go ahead to a plan to reclaim land for a new base in each key roles to local comic that has the details. i feel as though that may not have the mind of the main funding of me looking good for you at fifth and i am station we came up to now he explained he still wants to base to the loop. the function of identity. he said. for now peace. it's the best deal
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joel. well then. we have decided that this project complies with environmental protection measures. and meets the relevant standard the gorge so well. we decided to prove the japanese government's proposal to live so don't hold the ball the us military bail them out in nineteen forty five in to see the upper channel line up of four thousand mm of rain sleet. but in seven locations has been the source of friction. local spring of cost. xd and then they complain about the risks they face in nineteen ninety six japanese anti us navy has agreed to relocate them on many don't. they were moving out of buckingham. he insists on the parts of japan six
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cylinder more of the breaking up with him as a kid. but the two governments the creek this is the base to just be open at all. they decide to tear it came close to land to build new ballet. according to the mall. prime minister soon sunday needed to govern in a mass of purple to start dumping rocks and dirt into pacific ocean. so she tried to poke out a deal i've promised him i'll take around three pm on the spray year for the next eight years fifteen of us economy. and he said he tried to cutting off the number of sales by a controversial eighteen s aircraft the house trained the prime minister also tries to study this case and the us to speed up the process of losing them but you know of cuts to local people pocono to continue to experience a heavy burden to us customers i should also be shared and
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that was the people. on the mainland japan she calls the new scheme as well the government's plan for okinawa is your promotion includes most of all requests more to go monday already. i feel the ugly cabinets. he is thinking more about okinawa than any other administration in the pack in the mall. must silly mom all. silly ball and die. williams now a couple listens to talk about it or four years. the final decision caused a stampede by consistency and four and a plan. residents here can live in safety and peace. but they
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only. and i knew this was going to happen. it's a real shame. so i guess the government always has the power to decide. defence ministry officials say. ill start preparing for construction. here's to you the petition to the village he shouldn't be made strong the central government seeks to overcome a broken foot the closure of them. he hasn't figured out how to eliminate safety risks of its advanced to the unit you think. local content in each tier. my minister of may is defending himself in the face of criticism from around the world because of that visit epa to a shrine honoring japan's war dead those remembered and yes cooney sure i include military and political leaders convicted as war
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criminals after world war two the eye. ibiza is it didn't go over well in south korea which spanned decades under japan's colonial rule. about one hundred people demonstrated outside the japanese embassy in seoul the conservative group that counts of war veterans as members organize the rally protesters held a conference denouncing ave and demanded he apologize. he also called for a boycott of japanese products. people in china it took to the internet to try to organize protests outside beijing bute embassy in the demonrations have happened yet. possly ecause authorities prevented . chinesnewspapers have all smmed the prime minister for visiting yesterday the global times ran a headline saying there should be on a blacklist of people were not welcome in china. us state department spokesperson jim sai he released a statement saying the united states is disappointed that japan's leadership has taken this action she said. you are raised tensions with japan's
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eighbors. they went to yesterday on thursday exactly a year after he took office he said he prayed for the souls of japan's war dead he said he did not mean to hurt the feelings of chinese or south koreans. and that it will come in. it is common practice for leaders going around the world to pray for citizens to die in wars with us. this isn't exactly was nailed on will be done if nothing else. it limits the dental move to mumbai thomas said he will continue to explain his reasoning to people in other countries to try to get them to understand his actions his cabinet has translated the statement into various languages. aye aye police in eleven on are investigating a bombing that left five people dead including a former finance minister at least seventy five people were wounded.
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er. authorities say a car loaded with explosives blew up in central beirut police and paramedics carried wounded people from the sea former finance minister mohammad the child to was killed in the attack. he was a leading sunni politician local media organizations are calling the explosion an assassin. sectarian violence has been escalating in lebanon since the civil war broke out in neighboring syria. last month in a shia district of beirut killed more than twenty people people around the world are preparing to mark the new year but for refugees from syria there is little reason to celebrate. many of them are without their families and are in need of shelter and basic supplies the united nations refugee agency says more than two point three million people have fled the country and is carol's you know she she was the key reports from a refugee camp in jordan
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the need to preheat and is located in the desert in nose and jordan. close to the border with syria. it opened in twenty two of the era now was the kindness of people leaving here treaty and the united nations and supplements for food the key here. the series b women and children account for seventy percent of the camp's population. until a month is here is how st is going on. she is so we do. at the age of thirty one husband was killed in fighting in march. she went
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home town in southern syria such a calm peace and unity the melons and danny. we were scraping through the situation got steadily worse and i couldn't carry on after my husband was killed it was lovely to catch cheats and he's only gone tommy lee has been leading on the recent cooling. yes this is not a place suitable for living. im trying to say it isn't as keen on that cold the bubble pop bottle. this is supposed to be a kitchen limited. when the rains poured down on food clothes that he doesn't panic. she is the aim of doing to keep a count. i get really restless
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and exhausted heap. but i have nowhere to turn to. says she does not know how she and her family who come by in the coming year. she wants to go home. whether they can do stuff that i want to live in a place where my children can study well and we can feel secure all three shows from the un and made it the most pristine for the warring sides to come to visit for peace talks in switzerland next month. so far. he's the side has shown willingness to compromise there is no end in sight to the suffering of the people the aussie shiraz at the dentist tomorrow to the rink and jordan. aye aye aye. taliban militants have claimed responsibility for
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more violence in afghanistan they say they were responsible for suicide bomb attack on a foreign military convoy. but she did excellent in bangkok is following the story. the sunday said that sources say at least the foreign soldiers died in the attack by suspected suicide bomb that. reuters reports the plastic heads in the east announced that sent the capital kabul about one kilometer from a to base a ton of un spokesperson print responsibilty and message on his twitter account yesterday forces gave no further details about the identities or nationalities of the victims the attack comes as international combat troops prepared to leave the war torn country by the end of twenty fourteen concerns are mounting that our finest sons domestic security force is ideal for heads to count at that time upon an innocent dupe is bowing to increase its attacks ahead of a presidential election scheduled for april. tess is
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in thailand has been milked in a stalemate with the government for more than ten months and now they are signs the school turmoil may be clouding the corny series and has been suffering any updates if an event shows output at factories nationwide plunge navy in the three percent from a year ago. protest is clashed with police at the end on thursday one office and declared tested tonight. the number of people reported in june climbed to more than one hundred fifty on friday. five minutes to you not to want to sell the house of parliament and yet this month. a genuine exchange scheduled for february. this is on the money back to school reforms being made for us and they say they won't stop until the day what a points okay it's okay to postpone the election. i accept that he said the government to go henry said the government should be in politics because
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we want iran to go for it and this caretaker government is not receiving any more. the finance ministry says the school dental contenders include hound economic growth forty s and low cost fun and didn't have a shirt factory output in november fell ten point six percent from the same month in twenty twelve. for results coincides with an escalation and the political crisis caused by an amnesty bill proposed by team got a cross and a lighthouse on the event that fast the opposition party in protest is on the way it's designed to get away from home prospect of seeing she'd like to eat and head in the form of primate studies in self imposed . is this a one to cut his remaining appearance on thai politics the opera house rejected the film and in luck she'll dance. people have died of a passenger bus plunged into a deeper in the north and tie down the accident occurred as
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millions of times prepared to travel for a national five to eight new year holiday the bus goes off they pretend to bone carvings and naive about the emptiness is twenty nine people died in four of them seeking treatment in hospital the bus was traveling from kuantan province which is one of the commercial hubs of the north east. many of the victims were traveling to the hand counts for the fun that day. the media is reporting the boss guy than a year for him to sleep at the wheel. the stock still investigating a fatal road accidents on increasing the sky and as the corn and expands more than twenty people died in up to that when a bus carrying produce when she was crushed in the north of the country the welsh health organize a show reports kind and has thirty eight point one of the deaths per one hundred thousand people mainly it's the highest toll in southeast asia and its more than double the regional average of eighteen point five. that will wrap up our plate and
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nine ten the set will include coal. people in china are marking the one hundred twentieth birthday have mounted on the father of the communist state left behind a complex legacy the cultural revolution for example led to a non untold number of dance. but many are choosing to focus on the positive impact mile had on the country. nhk world store and a toggle reports from beijing. i am not the dismissed from the team the hotspot moment durability we used the speed he rides the sights and sounds of old town destroyed
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also did great and small slogans in quotations. just a wee items are on display. we were there. almost everyone was. like remember those times. the specialty is to deport them. paul's paid to teach. mind you. taste is not a priority. wings are made from corn husks in rice korea the water. we ate there and very chewy and it tastes awful. so why do we serve them. folder because we won younger generations to experience first hand on some of the hardships their parents went through the end of. sixteen lives. it's a
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good review of only two songs and dance. we would say praise the ball. during school to release we conclude the it recently seen anstey or is this going to be entertaining. his people had to be released soon. everyone was cooler to create the same kinds of food and lived in the same kind of houses but there are big differences between us now. dean university professor says people are nostalgic for mall because they're not happy was so sleepy today. i didn't argue united are due to high until the sentimentality of the white whale and now measures to address this kind
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of thing that he also cracked down without constraint on corruption. what i believe most spirited would be disappointed with modern society. and it's way into corruption. twenty now observers. tis the season some still are. he intends to use people's discontent residents must really know them only bible is not just a promo stills. you can eat you will be true. ooh and i knew them. talk about japanese fashion and chances are you're thinking of kawaii the cute styles love by youngsters. but older people are showing they've also got their own sense of style. nhk worlds for neo con that has more. that is the most
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exclusive shopping district into account. it's home to nigeria friends i have scared department stores. many stuff that's as silly as to why my face painted chest concept to me that's not always the case the weekend money and most are thrilled just to take care of instead of seeing and passionate. this could take a hospital in the blog the deal was announced less than a year ago. it's already a chart to take me the one hundred sixty thousand this test. the build is always so popular in taiwan and the united states. you keep updates as if it looks great welcome on a limited we feature seniors and young people's his own. we want to
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bring grandma stereotype i had. the didn't eat the airport for sydney when hannah makes baking that appearances in league and cup contests now take a refreshing and isn't there a couple of the movie guys western culture heavy things you can when when hannah was going well. she enjoyed pulling the different trains hit japan. now she still expects meant to lose. she's come to develop her own approach to style i do. most. it's legal to knock off the heels of this. she isn't very important aspect of my stomach will kind of sad to see tom makes people feel better. feeling a bit
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depressed when wearing something nice you chase me out. g licences granted the scone. it's late nineteen ninety nine. this department store has announced its only targeting elton these tokens it features high rise pants made from strips of old materials. full credit goes to lake one skein on the right time. in two weeks please come to waste sites. a collection of these so called blood cells that twice higher than expected. to lead stand up and it's the people have that causes effects to extort spying the new singers can have a closet if you act on their minds. that's why they had to spend their money today seeing as how style
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so i could. fashion industry knows the land of retirees have turned and money to spain. the neocons out. in each game while tokyo. a big storm looms over northern japan our meteorologist robert spencer has more proper. hillside diver aid into this because as pretty blustery out there and that's a sure way of saying you are seen some winds gusting up to one hundred and fourteen km for our stay there and oak ideal that's combining with some fairly heavy snowfall on the casino and satellite picture field areas and white that are really start to darken from west to east that sets the effects still we're talking about here and some areas the year to be seen up to the seventy seven meters in the next twenty four hours in the poker rica region. elsewhere in oak iowa bound for the self all on the scene japan coastline sixty centimeters very well possible that the standoff it
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was the west of the good news if your in tokyo neil like the snow because it actually expected in rain rather dry here for the next several days but it's given the ongoing at least going in the saturday slowly tapering off throughout the weekend of high pressure sensor region from the west things as they drive their three over towards china though although if you're in the tropics afternoon thunderstorms expected from the weekend. good news nothing significant developing out here but you still wanna watch out for buckles localized storms about the extended forecast on a lot of people looking ahead to the new year's holiday especially their tokyo and i decided to stay dry in the same pattern will remain in place heading upwards wednesday partly cloudy to sunny skies in the forecast on here actually most of the eastern asia and are expecting that as well the pictures. even on a slight warming trend that until new years there it starts the next system start to develop it. so leaving the one person feel
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the impacts of absence to know which emerson temperatures. read around the freezing mark the adherence to the americas well. things are going to be on the general cooling trend out here high pressure dominating towards the east but for now we're starting to see the changes in place we got some snow showers in the north of the ten centimeters possible then we have a storm system developing don't get what some call this lo is dump all that moisture off course in or flash flooding is expected here and for the southeastern portion of us georgia and northern florida. you can see by eighty to ninety millimeters of rainfall going through your day here on friday in the saturday morning as it does push off their toys cds for the big thing is this is going to be the catalyst of what's gonna be happening behind this that the arctic blast of air. this is by jewelry first ask and get down towards the south and take a look in three forecasts not for the weekend but for next week a lot of people still on holiday here in the americas. all sports well monday through wednesday captures below freezing for many of you in a
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life you'd like to go on the big apple eater in new york and three at the one mark minus one there for your height by news the los angeles thing dry and sunny free of the lead at the very least be one go somewhere warm down here in europe several storm systems continuing the broom out about this one over the british isles because this is bring in some fairly gusty winds well over a hundred climbers crop wheat thins the reports are that high as well. heavy rainfall of this and i didn't bring in the risk of not just of some unpleasant conditions of power outages as well so you really wanna keep an eye and as much of western europe that's good to be the case for the next several days out here at least got temperatures will be starting to get back to normal but for the most part or email this range are also some rough weather in the matter training people to rome sixteen every ounce of showers to similar conditions over towards happens here on saturday vessel here will other physics and a forecast i am to noon i do. i know
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his line for this our energy note on the intel. it is the champions. come to your bbq the night before. soo we are one hundred year history the insecurity it's going to heal to break into teaching on particular concern to create an exclusive for serving and teaching launching a huge bbq the next. it is the sentiment
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is from japan and asia the incredible chances. with a perspective to the frontage of the world. encouraged by years of experience tell you what's happening. in what's likely next. only you in rio hq. halal still get great
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chance. he's in good time from the latest in its latest technology to explore the whole history and beauty of the corner of hitler check check and actors security the sometime in june. she went into the teacher's defends ut temple. years of use to join school hostel he's going to do that really hits


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